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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unknown (and unnamed) glaciers in New Guinea

Updated July 4 2010

The New Google Maps now has much better views of the entire mountain chain there. Be sure and click the "slant view" option, lets you see the glaciers in 3D

Google Earth Engine view, not much to see, but look at the mine.  Fascinating.

Photos of the mine pit and famous glaciers here

 (following is the original post, links are to the old Google Maps views)
Visible with Google Earth if you know where to look.  After years of searching I can find no source even describing these glaciers, nor any mention of their discovery.  In fact, the Google images (from Landstat photos) are the only evidence of their existence I can find. Because the photos are years old, the ice may have melted by now.  Hence only these photos of them may exist. In either case, you won't find these tropical glaciers on Wikipedia.  Or anywhere else for that matter.

Unnamed glacier
Unnamed glacier
Unnamed glacier

View of them all
If you are zoomed out just one more click, none of them will show up,  and the newer photos seem to show no ice.

These are something not found on Wikipedia, and according to the rules of Wikipedia, they will never be found there.  No sources.  (A picture by a satellite of something that actually exist, or did exist, doesn't qualify for Wikipedia, if there are no published sources to draw on for an article)

The famous (and well known) glaciers of New Guinea appear once in the article about New Guinea

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