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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Brückner cycle (or Bruckner Cycle)

 The Brückner cycle does not have an article (or a redirect) on Wikipedia.  Google scholar has some great scientific papers about it. In essence he found climate changes were connected to the sun.  See this image (read the conclusion) for a fascinating look into what real climate science is like. (source of image)

But if you only use Wikipedia, the following is all there is.  Hidden under Eduard Bruckner.
 Brückner was a proponent of the importance of climate change, including the effects on the economy and social structure of society. His research included studies of past climate changes and he proposed the 35-year long Brückner cycle of cold, damp weather alternating with warm, dry weather in northwest Europe. 
The GKSS Research Centre's Eduard Brückner Prize, for outstanding achievement in interdisciplinary climate research, is named after him.

There is also no entry, redirect or anything else about the Eduard Brukner Prize,  on Wikipedia.  He was, and is, quite a fascinating scientist, and one of the first to contemplate climate change and how human activities might influence things.
"The number of hypotheses and theories about climate change are numerous. Quite naturally they have caught the public attention, as any proof of past climactic change points to the possibility of future climate change, which inevitably will have significant implications for global economics". — Eduard Brückne 1890
His extensive research and findings based on study of climate and climate history, led to many things. The quote below is one may be very important.
"Very old and wide-spread is the opinion that forests have an important impact on rainfall. ... If forests enhance the amount and frequency of precipitation simply by being there, deforestation as part of agricultural expansion everywhere, must necessarily result in less rainfall and more frequent droughts". — Eduard Brückner

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