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Monday, June 3, 2013

Theory of Global Warming

The page "Theory of global warming" does not exist. On Wikipedia.  Global warming theory?  Nope, no page for the theory.

There used to be this info at the link but it's since been deleted

The Swedish chemist in 1896 give explanation of two gases carbon dioxide and water vapor that they help in trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere of earth and warmer the earth. He was the first scientist who put forward this theory in 19th century he said that global warming is caused by burning of coal during industrialization would increase the temperature of earth and he then predicted that carbon dioxide would cause in increasing the temperature. He states that the influence is greater in winter than summer and greater on land then ocean. He said it is hoped to enjoy ages with better climate situations. In 1938 Guy S. Callendar published in his studies that fossil fuels was responsible for global warming and humans had added a millions of carbon dioxide into the air as 1 degree Fahrenheit temperature had been risen in 1934 and 1980 so these rising temperatures results in less snow. In 1957 Roger published in his theory that large amount of greenhouse gases had been pumped by human activities and it’s very difficult to know about their quantity. He advised all scientists to inquire about the quantity of gases in atmosphere. In 1958 new instrument was installed by young chemist so he could measure the quantity of gasses in atmosphere which was successfully launched with good results. 

Global Warming Theory in a Nutshell

Much more info than you will find on Wikipedia.

Here are some mentions of the theory not found on Wikipedia

NASA GISS jsc.nasa (pdf) Earth Observatory (archived)
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