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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Christ Family (cult) and Lightning Amen (Charles Franklin McHugh)

Christ Family, started by Charles McHugh: McHugh, a.k.a. Lightening Amen, claims to be the incarnation of Jesus. Followers dress in robes, no shoes, practice vegetarianism.

Pictures of Lightning Amen (says he was Jesus Christ)

Drug arrest and prison for Amen

Blog with mention
Lightning Amen -- real name Charles McHugh -- died about five years ago.
Toil not - Christ Family members arrived and were quickly asked to move on in the second week of July 1981. The founder of the group was a man named Charles Franklin McHugh who wandered out of the California desert one day and dubbed himself Jesus Christ Lightning Amen. 
source (has picture)

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Washington Post article May 1, 1980

In the wind (book about joining the cult)

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