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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Older Peron Submergence

Attempts to remove any data about sea level from the Older Peron article are happening.  Have happened.

Image of sea level from Quaternary Sea-Level Changes: A Global Perspective
 By Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Colin D. Woodroffe

From a 1974 CIA report on Climate (concern over cooling) there is this image, based on Lamb


No doubt based on a blog entry here, Bob and company at Wikipedia have tried to remove any reference to higher sea levels during the Older Peron, in essence changing the past (but only on Wikipedia).  The first edit happened right after his comments on that blog post. 

Thankfully they have no power to remove the thousands of references and papers from the rest of the world.  

Actual Science, something often lacking on Wikipedia. 

And to be sure, I won't be mentioning other scientific pages on Wikipedia in the future, since this allows the vandals to find where to remove information.

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