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Monday, July 28, 2014

JB Sigwart, Louis Frank or the "small comet" theory

No article for JB Sigwart, John B. Sigwart, Louis Frank or the "small comet" theory

Which didn't actually surprise me.  The official small comet page at the University of Iowa.

The ultimate test proved the reality of the holes, but to this day the observations are denied, or not mentioned, or something.  I don't actually know.  Everything went quiet back in 2001 after the proof was undeniable.

Certainly there are good reasons to deny it's small comets, as noted on this NASA page. (1997) But what are they?  And why is there no entry on Wikipedia?  Most odd.  Tempting to start the articles, but experience has shown what a pain in the ass that would become.  Until the articles were all deleted.

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