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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Holocene sea-level highstand

This technical term appears in tens of thousands of publications.

For example

But you won't find an article explaining it on Wikipedia.  It might now even appear in any article, it really seems to depend on who has deleted sources on any given day. the fact of it does exist, like in the article on raised beaches
As stated above, there was at least one higher sea level during the Holocene, so that some notches may not contain a tectonic component in their formation.
 But you won't find it stated that there was a Holocene sea-level highstand. This is part of the general idiocy that dominates Wikipedia at present.  No mention of the sea level being higher than present will be allowed on Wikipedia.  You will find it hidden in different articles.  Unless one of the censors of Wikipedia reads this blog, in which case the links here may no longer work.

Because anybody can edit Wikipedia.

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