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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deaths at Burning Man

Nobody can ever die at Burning Man.

While Burning Man is obviously an article on Wikipedia, it does not contain the word "died", "deaths" or "killed", much less any mention of anyone who died at the event.  The article does include the word "death" twice, but neither instance is about anyone who died there.  If you believe Wikipedia, nobody has ever died at Burning Man. If you listen to people who actually know about Burning Man, like 9 Ways to die at Burning Man, it's understandable the Burning Man Corporation would want everyone to believe there has never been a single death there.

If you don't want to read that link, the technical reason nobody can ever die there,  it's because you can only be declared dead at Reno, the closest city.  Even if you commit suicide at Burning Man (it has happened) your death will be in Reno.

Another thing you will not find on Wikipedia.


  1. I nearly died there several years ago, suffering from heat and dehydration, got iv in medical tent. When I took turn for the worse I was told: " you are no longer at the event", even while hooked to the iv and in the tent. One of the medical persons said that. Great, huh.. Fortunately I had a friend willing to drive me to the hospital in reno. So yes, they like to distance themselves from the real stuff that happens at BM. That was years ago, I assume it is worse now.

    1. Just wanted to note that I wasn't drinking or on drugs. It was just the damn heat, body couldn't handle it after the exhaustion of driving there from several states away.

    2. We drove straight there from Florida. The thing is, you have to drink plenty of water in the desert.